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InvisibleAlignment.com is partnered with a premier Invisalign dentist in Houston (Memorial / Galleria Area).

For a limited time we are authorized to offer a full Invisalign treatment, valued at over $5000 for only $3500. To get your FREE customized discount offer sent to you, please use the convenient form on this page and we will send you an electronic (PDF) voucher via email that can be printed or redeemed at the dentists office using your smart phone. The coupon itself costs nothing, the price of service using this coupon is: $3500. Secure this price today!

Offer is for discount / coupon for Invisalgin service at specified dentist office, currently only valid in Houston, TX area.
This site is independent and not affiliated with Invisalign®
Limit one per person; teeth must be in good general health and qualify for treatment; offer does not include lost or replaced Invisalign trays or Mid Course Customer Requested Adjustments; all services must be used in single visit by same customer; cannot be shared

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Weekly Invisalign Price News

[Posted on March 28, 2013 by Kristal Casey]

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Are you a true candidate for Invisalign Houston?

While browsing the net for some tips and resources to post for my visitors whom are looking for Invisalign in Houston. I ran across a message board where a webmaster for another Invisalign resource requested user experiences etc. The first response was by someone whom seemed to be anti invisalign to some degree. He more /less slammed the person after visiting his site claiming it had fallacies and falsehoods. While this person was overall negative toward invisalign, they did bring up some valid points. The main point being that: Clear braces may not be for everyone. Read More about this Invisalign Houston article >>

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InvisibleAlignment.com is focused on providing the best resource for those looking for Invisalign in Houston. With a coupon that brings the cost of teeth alignment so low, there is no reason to wait on improving your smile. Fill out the form above and get your appointment set today.

Invisalign treatment straightens your teeth with an array of clear, modular, customized aligners. The process begins at the dentists office, where, your dentist will take X-Rays and dental impressions of your upper and lower teeth. Afterward the invisalign lab technicians will produce a set of up to 48 clear aligners made to match the patients needs. The patient will wear the the removable aligners for up to eighteen months.

Throughout the treatment the patient should return to visit the dentist for routine checkups to verify that the teeth are shifting into their proper place.

Type of service Full Invisalign Treatment plan
Price $3500
Service Limit Includes All follow up visits
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