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Seeking Invisalign in Houston? Act now and get: $5800 $3500 - Complete treatment.

We have secured an outstanding offer from a premier Invisalign dentist in Houston. (Houston Memorial Galleria Area).

For a limited time - a clear braces (Invisalign) package valued at over $5800 is available now for only $3500. to get your personalized electronic voucher sent to you, please use the convenient form on this page to have your offer sent to you. We will generate your custom certificate (usually within 1 Day) and send it to you via email.

Offer is for discount / coupon for Invisalgin service at specified dentist office, currently only valid in Houston, TX area.
This site is independent and not affiliated with Invisalign®
Limit one per person; teeth must be in good general health and qualify for treatment; offer does not include lost or replaced Invisalign trays or Mid Course Customer Requested Adjustments; all services must be used in single visit by same customer; cannot be shared

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Invisalign Houston Offer

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This total treatment package includes:

  • Invisialign Aligners (Clear Braces)
  • Lab Fees
  • Xrays
  • Return Office Visits

With many request via chat rooms and message boards asking the questions: how much does Invisalign cost?, or, how much is Invisalign, our dentist / provider has elected to provide an extremely competitive price on Invisalign services. She is on a fast track to becoming an Invisialign preferred provider and her office is Spa like, with friendly and pleasant team members to assist you. $5800 has partnered with her to market this attractive offer. When you fill out the form above, we will send you a persoanlized voucher that will also have the dentist information. Rest assured you are engaging with top quality dental care.

This special price of: $3500 will be available for a limited time. You can secure your coupon today, with validity of 30 Days. Once you submit the form it will also send the current price offer via a to us which we will use to generate your offer.

Featured Article

Are you a true candidate for Invisalign Houston?

[Posted on March 28 2013 by Kristal Casey]

While browsing the net for some tips and resources to post for my visitors whom are looking for Invisalign in Houston. I ran across a message board where a webmaster for another Invisalign resource requested user experiences etc. The first response was by someone whom seemed to be anti invisalign to some degree. He more /less slammed the person after visiting his site claiming it had fallacies and falsehoods. While this person was overall negative toward invisalign, they did bring up some valid points. The main point being that: Clear braces may not be for everyone.

If you are in the market for Invisalign in Houston you should consult a qualified practitioner. Not everyone is a candidate for clear braces, however a trained professional should advise you on the best routes to take to achieve an aligned, straight smile. For example one of our disclaimers for the invisalign offer we promote is that: your teeth must be treatable and be in good general shape before treatments is possible. My daughter for example at the moment is not a candidate for invisalign due to a the way her teeth are shaped, there is more less a whole / open bite. Hence she will unfortunately have to go another route to achieve straight teeth.

Other things mentioned that may be a consideration for clear braces pursuers:
  • Possible allergies to plastics (Im thinking this is very rare)
  • Clear braces may potentially be a slightly slower / longer treatment process
  • Large spaces between teeth may make clear braces non-viable
  • Severe deep overbites may make Invisalign non-viable
  • Existing Dental Work like crowns, porcelain veneers, etc may make the buttons used to attach the aligners, hard to bond onto teeth.

These are all reasonable considerations regarding this type of treatment. Many see the benefit of having braces that are nearly undetectable as more valuable than wired visible braces. For those searching for invisalign in Houston, we can advise you of our premier Invisalign provider whom can help you in making the right decision. The office is like a spa and should make your dental visit much more appealing. Simply fill out the form on this page, or almost any page on our site we will also send you a discount voucher / coupon that could save you thousands of dollars (that makes me happy). The current price is: $3500 - Act now as the price is subject to change.

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