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A discount for Invisalign is available now for: $3500 - Complete treatment.

By utilizing an excellent dentist in Houston, (Houston Memorial Galleria Area) you can take part in a full Invisalign treatment.

The offer includes an Invisalign package valued at over $5800, now yours for only $3500. Getting your personalized coupon sent to you is easy and safe, simply use the Invisalign coupon form on this page to have your offer sent directly to you via email. Coupon will be created in about 1 Day).

Offer is for discount / coupon for Invisalgin service at specified dentist office, currently only valid in Houston, TX area.
This site is independent and not affiliated with Invisalign®
Limit one per person; teeth must be in good general health and qualify for treatment; offer does not include lost or replaced Invisalign trays or Mid Course Customer Requested Adjustments; all services must be used in single visit by same customer; cannot be shared

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With the Invisalign coupon, this total treatment package includes:

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  • Invisialign dental treatment
  • Return alignment visits
  • Lab Fees
  • Xrays

After researching numerous websites such as Realself.com we and Yahoo we found Invisalign transparent aligners priced as high as as seven thousand dollars (A California dentist). Therefore, we believe many would appreciate an exceptional Invisalign discount.

The offer of $3500 Available today should be quite an incentive to make the decision to get your invisalign treatment started. You should also know that the dental office we have secured for this offer has a spa like feel with an outstanding staff that will dedicate themselves to carefully listen and learn about your dental health needs, and concerns to ensure your satisfaction. After sending the form we will send you more information about this dentist and the Invisalign discount / coupon in Houston via a customized PDF document.

We hope your search for an Invisalign coupon and questions like: how much does Invisalign cost, are over. please let us help you save on your Clear Braces / invisalign experience by filling out form above.

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All we have to do is offer an Invisalign Discount

[Posted on October 10 2012 by Kristal Casey]

At InvisibleAlignment.com we have a simple job. We help people looking for invisalign in Houston get a fantastic deal by providing a discount on invisible braces through our premier invisalign dentist. Our provider at this time has performed hundreds of Invisalign treatments for her patients.

We provide our visitors with a customized PDF coupon with their name and information which can be used at our specified dentists office. This invisalign discount can save you thousands of dollars off of the list price for clear braces by Invisalign in Houston. Simply explained, this offer on is available to anyone with a "serviceable' mouth. This offer requires that your teeth are in good enough shape to be straightened. Those that may have un-serviceable teeth can still visit the dentist and utilize the offer AFTER any issues are resolved. The issues would be a separate cost. Once these issues are corrected you will be able to proceed with the invisalign treatment process.

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