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Madrat Elixr's new Energy Review

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A healthy energy drin kthat actually good for teeth since it uses xylitol!

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Madrat Elixr's new Energy beverage

Definitely an ace among this genre of beverages.

I tested the two versions of Madrat's Elixr Healthy Energy Drink. First the powder version. We followed the serving suggestion from the website and added the juice of one lime and a bit of ascorbic acid, since oddly we had some laying around. Shaking this product quickly once added to water is definitely suggested to avoid a paste at the bottom. I utilized a mason jar. The result was awesome to say the least. After sampling many other energy drink this concoction stands out. The effects were i have to say were pleasant. I felt more energetic and alert. I tried this in the morning after a decent amount of sleep and this helped me to feel more alert.

The Energy Shot was next. I tried the energy shot several hours later and sure enough I felt another mild and pleasant energetic feeling. I have to say this is now my favorite energy shot by far. I can easily sip on this mixture. I tried leaving some under my tongue as well since I heard that this may help. Overall the effects were great and flavorful. Thumbs Up!!

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