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How much is InvisalignCost? $5800 $3500

InvisibleAlignment.com has an association with a fanastic cosmetic dentist in Houston (Memorial / Galleria Area).

A limited time offer is available that offers a full Invisalign treatment, Valued at over $5800 available now for only $3500. To get your customized offer sent to you via email, please use the quick contact form at the left and we will send you a PDF voucher that can be printed or redeemed at the dentists office using your smart phone.

Offer is for discount / coupon for Invisalgin service at specified dentist office, currently only valid in Houston, TX area.
This site is independent and not affiliated with Invisalign®
Limit one per person; teeth must be in good general health and qualify for treatment; offer does not include lost or replaced Invisalign trays or Mid Course Customer Requested Adjustments; all services must be used in single visit by same customer; cannot be shared

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If you are looking to find out more about invisible braces or asking "how much does Invisalign cost", you have found a great resource. Many Dentists will include the entire treatment in one lump sum. This covers the actual Invisalign braces, lab fees, and subsequent visits to the dentist office where he or she may adjust and inspect the progress. The Invisalign website shows that the average price for a full treatment plan is about $5000.

A recent review of realself.com, where several Dentists discuss Invisalign fees reveals that many also have prices up to $7000 based on the number of appointments and chair time.

After asking our friend, a local dentist in Houston "How much does Invisalign cost?" We came to the conclusion that we might be able to work together to create an offer that is amazing considering the above information / pricing. The offer? The normal Invisalign cost of $5800 is being offered for $3500 for a full Invisalign treatment plan. This includes the Office visits, X-rays, dental impressions, lab fees, and routine checkups (related to the treatment).

To redeem this offer simply fill out the form above and we will create an PDF coupon with your information and send it to you via email. The dentist information will also be provided. Our friends Dental office seems more like a spa. We believe you will be quite pleased with their friendly and knowledgeable staff.

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Highest Quality Invisalign Treatment

[Posted on September 28 2012 by Kristal Casey]

When considering Invisalign treatment or how much is Invisalign? It will help to have the highest quality in dental services you can get your hands on. So if quality dental care is what you desire, then your best bet is to simply turn to InvisibleAlignment.com as we are partnered with a premier Invisalign dentist in the Houston area. We are offering an outstanding price for a full invisalign treatment.

Ever asked, How much does Invisalign cost? InvisibleAlignment.com is very proud to offer a significant invisalign discount through our dental partner. No matter what your budget, it will be hard to find a price that will compare. You'll be better off by making use of our customized Invisalign coupon which you can present to our partner, this will also secure your price for up to 30 Days.

Although we are sure that you have many options, rest assured that our provider is of top quality and an extremely competitive price. Since we have established a close relationship with our provider, we have been able to secure excellent pricing on invisible aligners /clear braces. We are happy to pass on these savings to you our customers, so if you're on a budget and are looking to gain the biggest bang for your buck on clear brace / invisible aligners, then you won't be disappointed with what you'll encounter at InvisibleAlignment.com.

Procure quality Invisalign braces at competitive prices from InvisibleAlignment.com. We at InvisibleAlignment.com will not only send you a customized voucher to present we will also provide you with customer service that's second to none. Whether you have a question or need advice, our Dental providers experienced and knowledgeable staff will ensure you receive the professional assistance you need when you need it.

You can count on InvisibleAlignment.com for an excellent referral to a top quality dentist. Feel free to browse through the rest of our InvisibleAlignment.com website for more information regarding all of the high quality Invisalign info we have available While visiting our site you can get to know our company more about our offer. If you have any questions feel free to contact us directly by phone or email.

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