Xylitol might help improve dental health

[Posted on October 16 2012 by Kristal Casey]

I have been looking around for affordable, natural solutions to improve dental health. It appears that I found one literally, a solution. What is it? Xylitol dissolved in water. Essentially I use this as a rinse. After brushing my teeth with a sonicare brush, I’ll rinse with a 5 gram xylitol pack dissolved in about 8 ounces of water. I use distilled water to avoid Floride. Xylitol research has shown that it keeps bacteria from sticking to teeth and can help keep a neutral pH level in the mouth, so less bacteria will also mean less plaque. Another benefit is that Xylitol is also a great sweetener, so its Multi-purpose to keep around the house.

SO what does that have to do with Invisalign in Houston, straightening teeth, Invisalign coupons or Invisalign discounts? Nothing really, but this would help to protect your investment!

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