Invisalign is no laughing matter

OK, so dentists Dr Glassman and his wife Debra (also a dentist), put together what I gather is a promotional video which seems to have gotten a decent amount of attention. Its a comedic rap video called “Love Invisalign“. Its a parody of a song written and performed by Eminem and Rihanna. Its worth a quick look I think if you are looking for little quick, cheap, entertainment. If you are interested in getting Invisalign in the Houston area, they wouldn’t be your first choice as it appears they are in California somewhere.
Check it out….

But really, I have to say Invisalign is no laughing matter to those whom desire straighter teeth. Invisalign has proven for many to be a great alternative to braces, it also provides several benefits above what typical braces offer including:

  • Stealth.. They are hard to detect, which may help deter any confidence issues from wearing regular wired braces,
  • Easy to clean. Since they are removable, accessing all the areas in the mouth that might otherwise be covered, are enhanced over typical braces.
  • Price – Using the dentist offered via this website you can acquire clear braces by Invisalign at one of the lowest prices advertised online.

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