Anyone looking for Invisalign in Houston that would like some tips or tricks read on

I was scouting the internet for invisalign Houston users. Invisalign tipsThe ones I found, in Houston, they are not. I did find couple of patients that have nice insights and tips regarding their overall experience. One of them is seems to have had a dramatic improvement using invisalign. I think she is in Canada. Both of their experiences seem to be a good reads. Dawn’s overall experience seems good Here is her Invisalign story…

Its always good to see someone who can appreciate the good fortune that has been bestowed upon them. She lists some tips that might help other like using advil as a mild pain reliever when starting a new tray since the pressure can be a bit of a challenge. Before and after Photos are also available for quick review, and I’l say they are quite impressive.

Invisalign experience imageThe other girl was less impressed by Invisalign overall (however I don think its any worse than regular braces would have been). She does use the opportunity to show resources on how to avoid getting cavities while using Invisalign clear braces. One of my favorite is of course the use of Xylitol. She mentions using Xylitol toothpaste and or gum. I do like to mention that one could simply buy pre-packaged xylitol and using distilled water, make a solution to use as a daily rinse. Read more about her experience here >>

Finally I did see that both of them mentioned prices that were in the range of $6000.00. Thats right, 6K. (One if them is in Canada, so the exchange rate might make a difference) . Did I mention that we are offering a great promotion for those looking for Invisalign in Houston, Texas. Its only-> Click here to get price (it varies).

If you know someone interested in Invisalign or a discount or coupon it would be a crime not to share. Spread the word.

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