Interesting Invisalign Testimonial Review

Found a video labeled “Invisalign not so invisible” (Not really related to invisalign Houston). One of the more interesting facts was that in her case she had clear white brackets glued to her teeth. I had not known these were there before. The term often used for these are “attachments” or “buttons”. Though I did notice this in a few before and after shots of others, I thought it was a selective process. However after asking my dentist friend, it seems it is the norm to have them. Watch the video below:

The lady doing the video here explained that her friends told her that the brackets are not very noticeable. In general it seems she also felt like this would not have deterred her since they are still far less noticeable than the proverbial “Metal Mouth” look.

A few other things to note are from her past experience with standard braces. She mentioned having braces as a youth and then being a “brat” and not wearing her retainer to set them. The lesson here is that if she would have listened to the dentist she may not have these issues now later in life. With Invisalign and other removable devices you also have this choice. So there is a responsibility of the patient in getting the best results. A little food for thought.

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