Are people with straight teeth more successful?

[Posted on September 19 2012 by Kristal Casey]

Are people with straight teeth more successful?  That’s what a recent study by Kelton Research is pointing to.   The study in essence says that teeth are one of the first things that people (Americans) remember about someone they meet.    Personally I feel like I consider the all facets of a person and the general impression. I think the study does have some pretty skewed observations in the general direction of having good teeth.  I guess they could be right. However I think that it might be too general or extreme.   Or are we (americans), just that superficial?  It goes on to say:

  • Crooked teeth might equate to a dull social life
  • Straight teeth might be perceived as a good personality
  • And that those with straight teeth are 57% more attractive than others on dating sites

Im not saying that I agree with these studies, For those that are seeking improvements – I would pursue overall general health 1st , then consider something like clear braces.  If so, and you are looking for Invisalign in Houston check out our site at! Cheers!

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