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I was scouting the internet for invisalign Houston users. Invisalign tipsThe ones I found, in Houston, they are not. I did find couple of patients that have nice insights and tips regarding their overall experience. One of them is seems to have had a dramatic improvement using invisalign. I think she is in Canada. Both of their experiences seem to be a good reads. Dawn’s overall experience seems good Here is her Invisalign story…

Its always good to see someone who can appreciate the good fortune that has been bestowed upon them. She lists some tips that might help other like using advil as a mild pain reliever when starting a new tray since the pressure can be a bit of a challenge. Before and after Photos are also available for quick review, and I’l say they are quite impressive.

Invisalign experience imageThe other girl was less impressed by Invisalign overall (however I don think its any worse than regular braces would have been). She does use the opportunity to show resources on how to avoid getting cavities while using Invisalign clear braces. One of my favorite is of course the use of Xylitol. She mentions using Xylitol toothpaste and or gum. I do like to mention that one could simply buy pre-packaged xylitol and using distilled water, make a solution to use as a daily rinse. Read more about her experience here >>

Finally I did see that both of them mentioned prices that were in the range of $6000.00. Thats right, 6K. (One if them is in Canada, so the exchange rate might make a difference) . Did I mention that we are offering a great promotion for those looking for Invisalign in Houston, Texas. Its only-> Click here to get price (it varies).

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Interesting Invisalign Testimonial Review

Found a video labeled “Invisalign not so invisible” (Not really related to invisalign Houston). One of the more interesting facts was that in her case she had clear white brackets glued to her teeth. I had not known these were there before. The term often used for these are “attachments” or “buttons”. Though I did notice this in a few before and after shots of others, I thought it was a selective process. However after asking my dentist friend, it seems it is the norm to have them. Watch the video below:

The lady doing the video here explained that her friends told her that the brackets are not very noticeable. In general it seems she also felt like this would not have deterred her since they are still far less noticeable than the proverbial “Metal Mouth” look.

A few other things to note are from her past experience with standard braces. She mentioned having braces as a youth and then being a “brat” and not wearing her retainer to set them. The lesson here is that if she would have listened to the dentist she may not have these issues now later in life. With Invisalign and other removable devices you also have this choice. So there is a responsibility of the patient in getting the best results. A little food for thought.

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Invisalign is no laughing matter

OK, so dentists Dr Glassman and his wife Debra (also a dentist), put together what I gather is a promotional video which seems to have gotten a decent amount of attention. Its a comedic rap video called “Love Invisalign“. Its a parody of a song written and performed by Eminem and Rihanna. Its worth a quick look I think if you are looking for little quick, cheap, entertainment. If you are interested in getting Invisalign in the Houston area, they wouldn’t be your first choice as it appears they are in California somewhere.
Check it out….

But really, I have to say Invisalign is no laughing matter to those whom desire straighter teeth. Invisalign has proven for many to be a great alternative to braces, it also provides several benefits above what typical braces offer including:

  • Stealth.. They are hard to detect, which may help deter any confidence issues from wearing regular wired braces,
  • Easy to clean. Since they are removable, accessing all the areas in the mouth that might otherwise be covered, are enhanced over typical braces.
  • Price – Using the dentist offered via this website you can acquire clear braces by Invisalign at one of the lowest prices advertised online.

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Invisalign Houston Discount Offer

[Posted on November 26 2012 by Kristal Casey]

In our city, clear braces often called invisalign Houston is a technology that will align teeth by using nearly invisible braces which are hard to detect at a glance. Braces in general will align teeth over time with the help of a qualified dentist. A quality dentist or orthodontist is a key consideration of the teeth straightening process. Our dental provider has performed hundreds on Invisalign cases and can be relied upon to handle your teeth alignment needs when searching for Invisalign in Houston.

Clear Aligners / Invisalign vs Traditional braces

  • Clear Aligners are nearly invisible – Traditional braces require brackets and wires
  • Invisalign braces are smooth plastic – Traditional wired braces may poke and irritate
  • Clear Aligners are removable for easy cleaning – Traditional braces may require more effort to for flossing and cleaning
  • Ability to eat whatever you like – Traditional braces have many food restrictions

Health Benefits of Straight teeth

According to the American Dental Association, straightening your teeth and overall oral hygiene can significantly affect your overall dental health. Further the ADA cites that there is research that indicates that periodontitis may be associated with other health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or stroke. Oral aligners that make it easier to clean your teeth therefore could help your efforts to maintain health.

Reviews and testimonials of Invisalign patients

Patients report invisalign benefits including: Regular non impaired speech. Improved self image, comfort in wearing, easy to clean, more natural appearance, discreet alignment. improved confidence, option of removal, effective, ease of use, and more.

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Xylitol might help improve dental health

[Posted on October 16 2012 by Kristal Casey]

I have been looking around for affordable, natural solutions to improve dental health. It appears that I found one literally, a solution. What is it? Xylitol dissolved in water. Essentially I use this as a rinse. After brushing my teeth with a sonicare brush, I’ll rinse with a 5 gram xylitol pack dissolved in about 8 ounces of water. I use distilled water to avoid Floride. Xylitol research has shown that it keeps bacteria from sticking to teeth and can help keep a neutral pH level in the mouth, so less bacteria will also mean less plaque. Another benefit is that Xylitol is also a great sweetener, so its Multi-purpose to keep around the house.

SO what does that have to do with Invisalign in Houston, straightening teeth, Invisalign coupons or Invisalign discounts? Nothing really, but this would help to protect your investment!

The absolute best discount

[Posted on October 9 2012 by Kristal Casey]

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Are people with straight teeth more successful?

[Posted on September 19 2012 by Kristal Casey]

Are people with straight teeth more successful?  That’s what a recent study by Kelton Research is pointing to.   The study in essence says that teeth are one of the first things that people (Americans) remember about someone they meet.    Personally I feel like I consider the all facets of a person and the general impression. I think the study does have some pretty skewed observations in the general direction of having good teeth.  I guess they could be right. However I think that it might be too general or extreme.   Or are we (americans), just that superficial?  It goes on to say:

  • Crooked teeth might equate to a dull social life
  • Straight teeth might be perceived as a good personality
  • And that those with straight teeth are 57% more attractive than others on dating sites

Im not saying that I agree with these studies, For those that are seeking improvements – I would pursue overall general health 1st , then consider something like clear braces.  If so, and you are looking for Invisalign in Houston check out our site at! Cheers!